Power Boost Technology 2.0 with even more power

The following features make the Power-Boost technology 2.0 the most powerful 
slurry technology:

- The flow-optimised pipe routing in the NW200 pipe cross-section, the supply pipe in the NW250 dimension and a more powerful mechanically driven centrifugal pump ensure a power of up to 11,000 litres per minute during suction and spreading.With the Power Boost Technology 2.0, a new level of performance is achieved. The efficiency of the update is particularly impressive for application techniques with large working widths.- With an air output of 15,500 litres per minute, the hydraulically driven Jurop vacuum compressor PNR 155 has improved performance both during filling and spreading.

- A stone trap in NW250 with a slide valve in NW200 is fitted in front of the centrifugal pump as standard, so that the centrifugal pump is efficiently protected from foreign bodies. The stone trap can be emptied manually or hydraulically by means of a slide valve.- Via the flushing line at the back of the tank, deposits can be efficiently prevented with the help of the centrifugal pump.

- Via the flushing line at the back of the tank, deposits can be efficiently avoided with the help of the centrifugal pump.

- Optionally, the suction path can be shortened by means of a slide valve in the tank bottom at the front, which is particularly recommended when suctioning via a suction hose.

- To control the quantities quantitatively as well as qualitatively, an active control of the flow rate and the NutrientContentLab (NCL) system (NIR sensor) can be used. In combination with the GO CONTROL ISOBUS control system, the new Power Boost technology from Kotte can be optimally integrated into SmartFarming applications such as site-specific application or SectionControl.