New suction cranes for maximum filling performance and convenience

The new model series of Profi L, Profi XL and Profi XXL suction cranes for garant slurry tankers were developed against the background of customers' constantly increasing performance and comfort requirements. The new suction cranes impress in particular with the following features: simple and convenient operation via SmartParking, high overloading capacities, high overloading ranges, tractor-independent solution as well as 270° swivel range for the greatest possible flexibility in the suction process.

The suction cranes are controlled via proportional functions as standard, so that the highest level of operating comfort is achieved. Operation is intuitive via the latest generation of the GO CONTROL ISOBUS control system. The SmartParking function efficiently relieves the driver when manoeuvring the suction nozzle, as the parking position of the suction nozzle is automatically controlled.

With the entry-level model "Profi L", slurry can be overloaded with a reach of 4.90m from the centre of the application barrel and a possible docking height of over 4m. The stable yet lightweight design ensures weight savings on the overall vehicle.

The suction crane "Profi XL" with three joints offers a reach of 6.40m when retracted. With its 2m telescopic end boom, when extended, up to 8.40m overloading range is possible. The articulated joints make it possible to vacuum from pits up to a depth of 3.10m. Overloading heights of more than 4m are no problem.

The "Profi XXL" version is the top model in the Profi suction crane range and achieves overloading reaches of up to 9.65m with the 2m telescopic boom extended. Here, too, suction heights of over 4m are no problem. Filling from pits is possible up to a depth of 4m.

In all versions, the professional filling aid installed as standard ensures extremely high suction capacities of over 10,000 litres per minute, depending on the slurry technology. Optionally, a bypass can be installed on pump tankers to reduce wear on the rotary lobe pump and also increase the suction capacity.

(Note: Dimensions are dependent on several factors and may vary).