Overcome communication obstacles

The data exchange platform agrirouter as a neutral entity solves a core problem of digitalisation in agriculture: It enables the exchange of data between machines and agricultural software solutions – independently of the manufacturer. The platform provides you e.g. with the possibility of transferring orders or application maps from your farm management system to the machine and vice versa with minimum effort. Another plus: Even third parties, e.g. contractors or consultants, can be easily involved in the data transfer.

Our decision to integrate the agrirouter interface into our slurry tankers represents an important module for easy and future-oriented digitalisation of agriculture.

without agrirouter

Ohne Agrirouter.jpg

with agrirouter


Simple and safe

In future, you can very easily use the agrirouter data exchange platform for our machines.

Only a few steps are required to create and individually compile your personal agrirouter account. You determine the routes for the transport of your data. If you e.g. cooperate with a contractor, you will be able to connect yourself with the contractor's agrirouter and exchange data.

Your data are completely secure: Only you determine who is allowed to exchange information with whom, to which extent and during which period. Furthermore, the agrirouter itself does not save any data, but only transfers it.