Mobile irrigation and firefighting

The water barrels of our garant AquaLIne provide you with customised technology for mobile irrigation and firefighting. Tank, chassis, tyres and pumping technology are exactly tailored to your needs.

Our AquaLine at a glance:
  • Single-axle or tandem-axle water barrels
  • Tank sizes of 3 m³ to 6.9 m³
  • Galvanised or varnished steel tank
  • Tyres: 385/65 R 22.5, 445/65R 22.5 or 560/60 R 22.5
  • Max. outer width 2 m


Targeted filling and discharge

The easiest way of filling our water barrels is external filling via a hydrant.

We offer you, of course, also options for autonomous filling:

  • Jurop vacuum compressors for autonomous filling
  • Jurop Julia compressors (combination of vacuum and centrifugal pump) for autonomous filling and powerful discharge

Extensive distribution

The garant AquaLine water barrels can be equipped with a 360-degree jet nozzle, which distributes the water over a large radius. In addition to the vacuum compressor, a centrifugal pump can be installed to increase the pressure. This enables you to discharge the water at a pressure of up to seven bar.

Depending on your needs, you can optionally decide in favour of a hydraulic watering arm in the front hydraulic system or a hydraulic valve with impact distributor.



Individual suction and outlet

You can individually determine the position of the suction and outlet nozzles at the tank and decide between 6" and B and C couplers. Thus, you get exactly the technology that meets your requirements.