Tank trailers

Tank trailers

The all-terrain professional

Our tank trailers with front carriage (TAV) provide you with the optimum technology to transport your liquid manure with the tractor from farm to field. The models are particularly suitable for all-terrain use, such that you can quickly and reliably supply the discharge vehicle even in difficult track conditions.

Our tank trailers at a glance:
  • Tank sizes: 22 m³, 24 m³, 26 m³ 28 m³ or 30 m³
  • Tanks made of steel (galvanised as standard)
  • 3 or 4 baffles (depending on the tank size)
  • 33 or 34 t gross vehicle weight rating
  • Filling via pumping or vacuum technology


Fully developed and safe

We have been incorporating our extensive know-how into the development and design of our tanker trailer with front carriage for many years – this means that we provide you with a fully developed product. In combination with the air suspension, the transfer of the tongue load from front carriage to tractor enables a gross vehicle weight rating of 33 or 34 t (depending on the admissible speed limit).

Your safety is our concern – that is why the baffles of the TAV are built in accordance with the current DIN EN 707 safety standard. The TAV 22 is equipped with three baffles, while the other TAV models have four each.

Intelligent technology

As the vacuum compressor with the patented rotary transmission is mechanically driven, the whole hydraulic performance of the tractor is available for the filling aid.


Perfect docking

The docking funnels can be positioned at the top and/or bottom of the tank back panel, as needed. NW 200 or NW 250 are the alternatives, while the conduit mounted at the rear of the tank is manufactured in NW 250 as standard.

And you also have the choice of shut-off valves: We have the mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic version available.

The docking device at the top of the back panel is equipped with a standard pump sump to ensure that the tank is always emptied completely.



Easy filling

Our garant suction spout solutions help you to easily, quickly and conveniently fill your tank trailer.

All hydraulic functions of the vehicle can be operated via an optional remote control.

Clean emptying

Our transfer tube ensures fast, clean and efficient emptying of the tank – no matter whether the transfer is carried out at the edge of a field or during transfer of liquid manure on the farm.

These are the features the transfer tube scores with:
  • NW 150 or NW 200
  • Can be swivelled to the left or right
  • Drip tray with drain hose
  • Available with height adjustment as optional equipment (max. height: 6 m)