Pump tank truck with eccentric screw pump

Pump tank truck with eccentric screw pump

Maximum suction power

Pump tank trucks with eccentric screw pumps offer you a high degree of efficiency with a good price-performance ratio and very low life cycle costs.

The features at a glance:
  • Single-axle to four-axle slurry tankers
  • Tank sizes of 6 m³ to 32 m³
  • Steel tanks from German quality production


How it works

The eccentric screw pump generates its suction effect by means of a rotor, which rotates in the inside of a stator, thus creating a vacuum. The slurry flows into the tank through a pressure pipe beneath the tank.

Gate valves make it is easy to comfortably switch between the three functions of "filling", "discharging" and "agitating".

Basic Equipment


Always firmly connected

Whether top or bottom hitching, with or without drawbar suspension – we have the right hitch for every tractor and every system. To make your work even more efficient, we adapt the hitch of your slurry tanker individually to the existing tractor and to the permissible drawbar load.

Güllewagen-Starre Obenanhängung.jpg
Rigid top hitch
  • for flange towing eye or K80 ball
  • suitable for slurry tankers without or with light spreading technology 
Güllewagen-Anhängung-Starre Untenanhängung.jpg
Rigid bottom hitch
  • for K80 ball
  • high driving comfort and ease of towing
  • higher drawbar loads can be achieved
Bottom hitch with drawbar suspension
  • for K80 ball

  • Highest driving comfort

  • Adjustable to different coupling heights

  • Slope of the slurry tanker adjustable


Individuality right from the start

Individuality is important to us right from the start. For this reason, we customise all containers to the respective chassis and the desired tyre size.
Our containers are manufactured in a special low-profile design and thus offer you optimum driving comfort – both on the road and in the field.
Every garant container offers reliable corrosion protection. You can choose between galvanising or a special internal coating in combination with a coloured exterior paint.


Tyres are not just tyres

Tyre type, tread and size must be perfectly adapted to the usage. We have the right tyre for all operating conditions and any type of soil available. We exclusively rely on renowned manufacturers such as Vredestein or Trelleborg.

The features at a glance:
  • Radial and cross-ply tyres
  • Diameter from 22.5 to 42 inch
  • Widths between 385 and 1050 mm
Eccentric screw pumps

Robust and powerful

The robust design of the Wangen eccentric screw pumps is particularly resistant against foreign objects and provides a high degree of operational safety.

Wangen eccentric screw pumps have a rating of 4,000 or 6,000 litres per minute. Furthermore, they are available with or without stone catch box.


Proven and reliable

In order to ensure a high degree of reliability, we exclusively use original BPW axle assemblies. All BPW chassis are individually adapted to your vehicle to guarantee optimum driving safety. In doing so, we take the gross vehicle weight rating, the tyres and the application into consideration.

Technical features of our chassis:
  • Square axle up to 150 mm x 150 mm
  • Brake drum up to 410 x 180 mm
  • TÜV certification up to 60 km/h
  • Prepared for tyre pressure control systems

The chassis at a glance



Extrem belastbar. Geeignet für Einachs-Güllewagen

Verbundaggregat mit Parabelfederung

Sehr gute Hangstabilität. Geeignet für Tandem- und Tridem-Güllewagen

Boogie-Achs-Aggregat mit Parabelfederung

Gute Federeigenschaften. Geeignet für Tandem-Güllewagen

Pneumatisch gefederted Aggregat

Hohe Fahrstabilität & Komfort. Geeignet für Tandem-, Tridem- und Vierachs-Güllewagen

Hydraulisch gefedertes Aggregat

Sicherheit in Hanglagen. Geeignet für Tandem-, Tridem- und Vierachs-Güllewagen

Verschiebbare Achse

Flexibilität bei verschiedenen Applikationstechniken. Geeignet für Tandem-Güllewagen


Hydraulisch angetrieben. Geeignet für Einachs-, Tandem- und Tridem-Güllewagen

Steering systems

Intelligent steering and fuel-saving

Steering axles improve manoeuvrability and track accuracy, which considerably reduces tyre wear and the load exerted on the entire chassis. Furthermore, you save fuel by means of a steering axle due to the fact that the slurry tanker is significantly easier to pull. Less friction additionally protects the ground and the sward.

Hydraulic forced steering
  • Straightforward and robust system
  • Large steering angle possible
Electro-hydraulic forced steering
  • ElectronicSteeringSystem (ESS)
  • Easy linkage via K50 ball
  • Adjustable steering strategies
 Electro-hydraulic steering system
  • MultiSteeringSystem (MSS)
  • All axles are steerable
  • Adjustable steering strategies, e.g. also travelling in crab-steering mode

Supplementary Equipment

Flow rate sensor

Exactly determine quantities

An inductive flow rate sensor continuously determines the quantity of discharged slurry within a measuring range between 0.5 and 12 cubic metres per minute.

The current quantity (m³/ha) is calculated on the basis of the recorded travelling speed in combination with the saved operating width of the application technology. You can read off the current value from a digital display at any time. The discharge quantity can also be actively controlled on request.

Filling dome

Optimum filling from above

Whether for regular filling or only for service work – we offer the suitable filling dome option for all needs.

Apart from a mechanical filling dome with a hinged lid, a hydraulic alternative for your pump tank truck is also available.

Lifting gears

Powerful lifting and lowering

Our durable and robust garant three-point/four-point lifting gears are the basis for your work success.

Our lifting gears at a glance

Unsere Hubwerke im Überblick

 Vierpunktanhängung LVierpunktanhängung XLVierpunktanhängung XXLVierpunktanhängung HD
Max. Anhängelast

2 t

3 t4 t4 t
Hubkraft4 t8 t8 t8 t
Geeignet für...
  • Schleppschlauchverteiler bis 30 m
  • leichte Einarbeitungsgeräte bis 2 t
  • Schleppschlauchverteiler bis zu 30 m
  • Schleppschuhverteiler bis zu 24 m
  • Schwere Einarbeitungsgeräte bis 3 t
  • schwerste Einarbeitungsgeräte bis 4 t
  • Schleppschlauchverteiler bis zu 36 m
  • Schleppschuhverteiler bis zu 30 m 
  • schwerste Einarbeitungsgeräte bis 4 t
  • Schleppschlauchverteiler bis zu 30 m
  • Schleppschuhverteiler bis 24 m



Bedarfsgerechte Stickstoffversorgung

Vor allem auf leichten Böden erhöhen Nitrifikationshemmer die Effizienz von Flüssigmist. Denn durch ihren Einsatz verhindern Sie, dass der für die Pflanzen unmittelbar verfügbare Ammoniumstickstoff ausgewaschen wird.

Eine Dosieranlage für Nitrifikationshemmer bietet zahlreiche Vorteile. Dank des Vorratstanks müssen Sie nicht ständig nachtanken. Zudem können Sie die Soll-Menge pro Hektar exakt dosieren – und zwar weitgehend automatisch.

Two-chamber system

Tongue load in all situations

Our two-chamber system helps you to optimise the tongue load of the tractor, particularly on slopes. The principle is simple and smart: The interior of the slurry tanker is divided into two chambers. Due to closing the first chamber, there is more slurry in the front chamber than in the rear one during discharge. This means that the tractor still has sufficient tongue load, particularly when travelling uphill.

Suction arms

More comfortable by far

Our garant suction spout solutions help you to easily, quickly and safely fill your professional slurry tanker. Thus, you stay clean and work comfortably and efficiently at the same time.

Güllewagen-einfacher Saugrüssel.jpg
Simply suction arm
  • A pivot joint
  • Docking height approx. 1.30 metres

  • NW 200 or NW 250

Güllewagen-Saugrüssel multi 3in1.jpg
Suction arm Multi 3 in 1
  • Modular / Flangeable design
  • Single-steered version with or without filling aid
  • Double-steered version with short or long transfer range
  • Double-steered version with suction hose for pit extraction
  • NW 200
Suction arm on top of the tank
  • Can be swivelled up to 270°
  • Telescoping
  • Automatic parking position
  • NW 200
Cutting unit

Prevent clogging and protect equipment

A cutting unit with stone catch box prevents the pump, the conduits and the application technology from being damaged by foreign objects. Furthermore, the slurry becomes considerably more flowable, such that clogging in the distributor head of the application technology is largely prevented.

You can manually set the optimum cutting power of the cutting unit or have it controlled automatically.