Vervaet Hydro Trike

Vervaet Hydro Trike

Maximum power and extremely easy to manoeuvre

The family-owned Vervaet business has been successful for three generations and has been manufacturing self-propelled slurry tankers since the beginning of the nineteen-nineties. With the Hydro Trike, Vervaet is meanwhile one of the European market leaders. They deliver vehicles of highest quality and innovation level.

From now on, the self-propelled slurry tankers Hydro Trike (three-wheel machine) and Hydro Trike XL (five-wheel machine) from Vervaet are available in our product portfolio. Convince yourself of the excellent technology and maximum power.




Hydro Trike and Hydro Trike XL

The Hydro Trike and the Hydro Trike XL stand for simplicity, targeted innovation and perfect functionality.

The self-propelled models excel by their extreme manoeuvrability and their robust and very maintenance-friendly design. Furthermore, they are perfectly suitable for heaviest application technologies.

Hydro Trike
  • Empty weight 16 t
  • 530 HP
  • Tank capacity 16 m³
  • Pumping technology: Vogelsang VX 186-368Q (9,000 l/min)
  • Maximum lifting power 4.5 t
Hydro Trike XL
  • Empty weight 19.5 t
  • 530 HP
  • Tank capacity 20 m³
  • Pumping technology: Vogelsang VX 186-368Q (9,000 l/min)
  • Maximum lifting power 4.5 t
  • Optional: 5x5 four-wheel drive

Maximum ground protection

Due to the extendable second axle, the Hydro Trike XL can travel completely in crab-steering mode over an entire width of 4.5 metres. Moreover, a tyre pressure control system is mounted as standard.

Both equipment features considerably reduce the soil compaction. And the new 5x5 four-wheel drive protects the ground, while simultaneously increasing the performance.



Optimum nutrient usage

You can, of course, also use the Hydro Trike for precise discharge according to the needs. The self-propelled machine can be equipped with the John Deere NIR sensor Harvest Lab 3000. Thus, it is possible to use the slurry as required on the basis of nutrient target and limit values in kilogramme/hectare – and to top it all, fully automatically.

Furthermore, your GPS system can be connected to the Hydro Trike via the Vervaet Smartbox, such that you can also discharge according to sub-area specific criteria.


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