Vervaet Quad

Vervaet Quad

New principle, same quality

The new Vervaet Quad with garant slurry technology combines innovative technology, absolutely simple operation and maintenance, an excellent quality with many years of experience in self-propelled machines and slurry technology.

The result is the strongest and lightest self-propelled machine in its class - the Vervaet Quad!

The highlights at a glance:
  • 21 m³ tank volume
  • Up to 13.500 l/ min. pump capacity
  • 550 hp Volvo engine
  • Highest torque of all existing self-propelled machines in the working range from 5 to 15 km/h
  • Small turning circle thanks to ingenious four-wheel steering


Maximum power: the Volvo engine

Together with Volvo Penta, Vervaet has developed a cooling concept whose capacity is designed for outside temperatures of over 45 °C and a full load on the engine and driveline. The quad's radiator is located at the front, which makes it insensitive to dust, crop residues and other dirt.

In addition, the Volvo Penta 6-cylinder engine delivers 550 hp with a torque of 2,650 Nm at 1,200 engine rotations. This makes it the most powerful engine on the market today. Low-speed driving is now the norm while maintaining low fuel consumption. The Volvo engine also scores points for being serviceable anywhere in the world.

Advanced drive system

Reliability is important. This also applies to the quad's newly developed transmission. With the in-house developed transmission with two transfer cases, Vervaet has developed a drive system where there is no friction between the front and rear axles. This means that the Vervaet Quad always has four-wheel drive.

In the working range from 5 to 15 km/h, the engine offers the highest torque of all comparable self-propelled machines on the market. In addition, the left/right and front/rear axles can be locked individually. Even in the most difficult soil conditions and with high traction requirements due to incorporation techniques, the quad can bring its performance to bear.




Sophisticated slurry technology

The Quad can be equipped with a 9,000 l/min Vogelsang rotary lobe pump or a 12,000 l/min or 13,500 l/min rotary lobe pump with 10" pipe.

And you also have a choice of shredding technology: either the Vervaet cyclone cutter or the Vogelsang RotaCut in combination with a garant filling aid can be selected.

One of the highlights of the Quad is the suction arm: thanks to an intelligent and durable swivel drive, all suction requirements are combined in just one suction arm. In the working position, the suction arm is automatically moved into a parking position. In the transport position, the suction arm is placed to the side of the cab, giving you a clear view out of the cab while driving.  

Enormous tyre choice

With the Quad you have a considerable choice of tyres: 900/60 R38, 900/60 R42, 1050/50 R32, 1000/55 R32, 1250/50 R32, Mitas 1000/65 R32 as well as twin grooming tyres are possible.

The transport width of 3 metres can be maintained with almost any tyre size.