Front suction arm

Front suction arm

Maximum comfort and efficiency

Filling at the edge of the field in an efficient and comfortable manner without any losses – this is best done by our front suction spouts. Thanks to their high suction power, they work particularly effectively and save time-consuming manoeuvring hours.

The feed line to the barrel runs exclusively above the tractor cabin, which ensures more safety and clear view during docking.

Additional ballast weights at the front suction spout ensure optimum ballast of the tractor. In addition, our front suction spouts are equipped with supporting legs, LED lighting und side mirrors for even more comfort.


8" front suction arm

  • Dead weight 500 kg
  • Up to 500 kg of additional ballast weights
  • Standard professional filling aid

10" front suction arm

  • Dead weight 1000 kg
  • Up to 1000 kg of additional ballast weights
  • Standard professional filling aid

Suck up in variable manner and cover great distances

Our front suction spouts enable you to work flexibly and fast at any location and in any situation. Docking heights between approx. 1.3 and five metres are no problem due to the adjustable front joint.

Do you have to cover great distances, e.g. a ditch? This job is also done straightforwardly thanks to the operating range of up to three metres.



Powerful filling

Both the 8" and the 10" version of our front suction spout are equipped with a professional filling aid that optimally supports the pump system of the barrel during the suction procedure.

The filling aid of our 8" front suction spout is mounted at the end of the suction spout, while the filling aid of the 10" front suction spout is installed in a central position behind the upper pivot joint. This significantly relieves the pivot joint.