Operating and control technology

Operating and control technology

Everything under control

Our control terminals help you to keep track of everything – together with an unbeatable value for money. From the driver's cabin, you comfortably and safely control all hydraulic and electrical functions of your slurry tanker and application technology.

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Control variants


Easy operation thanks to MiniControl and MiniControl+

The control terminals MiniControl and MiniControl+ enable you to control up to twelve functions on your slurry tanker by means of toggle switches. Hydraulic supply takes place via load-sensing or a fixed displacement pump.

Various toggle switch types are installed for your safety. Thus, you have to actively keep the toggle switch pressed e.g. when folding out the application technology. In contrast, functions that are non-critical from the safety point of view can be controlled without actively keeping the switch pressed.


Keeping track of everything by means of SmartControl

Our SmartControl control systems are clearly designed and can be intuitively operated – the be-all and end-all for smooth and relaxed working.
They are based on the CAN BUS technology, which enables comfortable control of a large number of functions. In addition, the SmartControl control systems also score with many other features such as e.g. a joystick.

Bedienterminal-SmartControl Profi.jpg
SmartControl Comfort & Profi
  • Control terminal: 7" colour touch screen
  • A maximum of 56 or 80 function outputs
  • Optional joystick / Two-axes joystick as standard
  • Freely assignable hot keys as standard
  • Optional ISOBUS compatibility

More comfort and ease in everyday work

Do you want to perfectly adapt your control system to your operational requirements and your workflows? No problem at all with our SmartControl control systems. For due to the hot keys, freely programmable keys are at your disposal at the display and the joystick. Thus, you can individually save the functions required for your work routine.

We have programmed automatic sequential circuits for all SmartControl control systems for even more relief. The division into yard, road travel and field mode ensures safe and perfectly structured operation.

Yard mode

In yard mode, you can choose between manual operation and suction spout mode. The respectively relevant data are clearly displayed on the terminal.

Field mode

All important information – e.g. the current operating width of the application technology, the filling level or the discharge quantity per hectare – are clearly displayed. Furthermore, you can easily integrate and control different application technologies.


Speak one language

All SmartControl control systems are ISOBUS compatible via an AEF-certified gateway on request. Thus, all data can be easily transferred to your farm management system or your farm PC. Due to the gateway, various Precision Farming tools such as e.g. Section Control or sub-area specific discharge of nutrients according to application maps are also available.

AEF-certified ISOBUS functionalities:

  • AUX-N (joystick)
  • TC-BAS (documentation)
  • TC-GEO (documentation)
  • TC-SC (section control)
GoControl ISO

Intuitive operation with GoControl ISO

No matter whether you further focus on Precision Farming or you wish to reduce the number of control terminals in the tractor cabin: Our GoControl ISOBUS control system is the optimum solution for you.
Would you still like to use an additional control terminal? No problem. As an accessory to our GoControl ISO control system, we offer you two high-quality control terminal options, the T 56 and the T 84+.

Bedienterminal-isobus-GoControl ISO_84.jpg
T 84+
  • Control terminal: 8.4" colour touch screen
  • Up to 86 function outputs (modularly expandable)
  • Joystick with 2 axes: Integrable and freely assignable as optional equipment
  • ISOBUS compatibility as standard
  • Freely assignable function keys as standard
  • Up to 5 programmable driver profiles as standard

Getting work done in a more relaxed and time-saving manner

When designing our GoControl ISO control system, we did not only focus on a modern design, but above all on the absolutely intuitive layout. And that is exactly what characterises GoControl ISO: You control even complex functions of your slurry tanker very easily – enormously reduced workload and time saving.

We have, of course, also integrated the three well-known levels of road travel, yard and field mode in our GoControl ISO control system. They have been clearly and perfectly structured by means of graphics, pictographs and colours. Thus, you keep track of everything at any time, while being able to completely focus on the work process.

Yard mode

In yard mode, all important functions are enabled to pump the slurry into your slurry tanker. You check and control all relevant parameters via the display: You can automatically monitor the pressure, optimise the filling rate or have the suction spout position automatically adjusted.

Field mode

In field mode, all parameters for the distribution of the charged manure can be read off and adjusted via the display. You can e.g. individually adjust a lifting gear and headland management and optimise by sensors to relieve the driver.


Speak one language

The standardised ISOBUS interface enables you to use our GoControl ISO control system to easily transfer all data to your farm management system or your farm PC. Furthermore, various Precision Farming tools such as e.g. Section Control or sub-area specific discharge of nutrients according to application maps are available. Another advantage of the GoControl ISO control system: Only one single terminal is required for machine control and communication, which saves costs and ensures a clear view in the cabin.

AEF-certified ISOBUS functionalities:
  • UT (universal terminal)
  • AUX-N (joystick)
  • TC-BAS (documentation)
  • TC-GEO (documentation)
  • TC-SC (section control)