Acidification with SyreN

Acidification with SyreN

Reduce ammonia emissions with SyreN

Increase nutrient availability and reduce odour emissions – that is possible with SyreN.

Due to a simple, but very effective chemical reaction, ammonia losses during slurry discharge can be significantly reduced by means of ground-level application technology. Sulphuric acid is added to the slurry. This acidification increases the ammonium percentage, while the ammonia content drops. Thus, SyreN enables both ecological and economic benefits.

Further additives help to reduce odour emissions.

How it works

The sulphuric acid reservoir is mounted in the front hydraulic system of the tractor. In combination with a flow rate sensor, a pH-value sensor mounted at the application technology determines the pH-value of the slurry in real time and adjusts it to the defined target value. Thus, exactly the quantity of sulphuric acid required to reach the target value is added.