Trailing shoe distributors

Trailing shoe distributors

Make optimum use of nutrients

The trailing shoe distributor helps you to discharge the slurry exactly where the plants need it. While the drip hose boom discharges the slurry on the ground surface, the trailing shoe slightly opens the soil during discharge. This procedure generates a capillary effect: The slurry gets beneath the ground surface – and thus directly to the roots of your plants.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • High degree of nutrient efficiency
  • Ground-level discharge in stripes
  • High fodder quality (low fodder contamination)

We rely on the proven Vogelsang and BOMECH technology for the trailing shoe distributors.




Robust and retrofittable: The Vogelsang trailing shoe distributor

The Vogelsang trailing shoe distributor Slide convinces by an excellent price-performance ratio. Compared to the Vogelsang drip hose, you achieve an even higher degree of nutrient efficiency by means of this technology.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating widths from 7.5 to 30 m
  • Hose distances from 22.5 to 31.25 cm
  • Distributor head: Vogelsang ExaCut

Versatile and well-engineered: The BOMECH trailing shoe distributor

The BOMECH trailing shoe distributors have been developed for versatile use and have proven themselves in practice for many decades. The specially shaped BOMECH trailing shoes made of hardened steel exert active pressure of up to twelve kilogrammes per share on the ground, thus opening the plant stock to enable precise and targeted slurry discharge. 
With their well-engineered frames, an intelligent partial width management and their low-wear distributor heads, they meet highest quality standards. BOMECH offers different models with operating widths between 6.2 and 30 metres.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating widths from 6.2 to 30 m
  • Hose distances from 22 to 25 cm
  • Distributor head: ALRENA


Precise discharge

Trailing shoe distributors can be equipped with a pneumatic partial width control system. This system makes your work significantly easier, while simultaneously creating the basis for Precision Farming applications (Section Control).