Incorporation technology

Incorporation technology

Efficiently using nutrients – Saving time and money

When the slurry is directly incorporated into the soil, the plants can make particularly efficient use of the nutrients contained therein. At the same time, the ammonia emissions are considerably reduced. From compact machines to flexible solutions for your professional use: We offer you the incorporation technology that meets the specific requirements of your business.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Discharge and incorporation in one go: You save one work step
  • You increase the nutrient usage of organic fertiliser
  • You can reduce the amount of mineral fertiliser – thus saving costs


Slot cutters

Compact & optimum on grassland: The BOMECH disc injector

The BOMECH disc injector is a compact and lightweight slurry distributor, which is optimally suitable for use on grassland and cultivated farmland. It opens the surface in slot-shaped manner, such that the soil completely absorbs the substrate in next to no time and no nutrient losses occur. There is hardly any damage to the sward.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating widths: 6.4 or 7.2 m
  • Disc distance: 20 cm
  • Depth guidance: Supporting wheels as optional equipment


Powerful for professional use: The TBL Injector

Due to its patented scissor folding system, the TBL slurry injector is light and particularly robust at the same time. It is optimally suitable for professional use on grassland and cultivated farmland.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating widths: 9 m, 9.75 m or 12 m
  • Disc distance: 18.75 cm
  • ISOBUS compatibility provided for Section Control as optional equipment
Short disc harrows

The light version

The short disc harrow for flat incorporation of slurry and fermentation residues has a very light and compact design. This means that only little pulling force is required and the machine is also suitable for small lifting gears or four-point mounting.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating widths: 5.30 or 6 m
  • Disc distance: 35, 20 cm
  • Depth guidance: Tube bar roller or supporting wheels


Proven over many years: The Toric Farmer

The Evers short disc harrow Toric Farmer is mainly suited to perfectly incorporate the slurry on the surface of stubble fields or in catch crops. The slurry is discharged behind the first disc row. This proven technology of the Toric Farmer provides you with two advantages in one: It is particularly efficient and simultaneously reduces machine contamination.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating widths: 5.04 or 6.16 m
  • Disc distance: 28 cm
  • Depth guidance: Different roller types or supporting wheels
Slurry cultivator

Perfect for small slurry tankers: The garant slurry cultivator

The garant slurry cultivator incorporates slurry and fermentation substrates into the soil in stripes. With its robust spring-loaded tines, it can even be used on unworked farmland without any problems. Thanks to its low dead weight, the garant slurry cultivator can be optimally used on smaller slurry tankers.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating widths: 4.60 or 6 m
  • Tine distance: 42 or 46 cm
  • Depth guidance: Tubular packer roller or supporting wheels
  • Leaf-spring closer as optional equipment


Impressive in professional use: The farmland injector Evers Oldenburger XL

The farmland injector Oldenburger XL from Evers helps you to quickly and easily incorporate your liquid manure on cultivated or unworked farmland. Even in difficult conditions, the large passageway of the injector ensures an optimum working pattern.

The Oldenburger XL is excellently suited for professional use: It can be hitched both to self-propelled machines and professional slurry tankers.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating widths: 6 m, 7.80 m, 9 m and 10.20 m
  • Tine distance: 30 cm
  • Depth guidance: Supporting wheels
  • Harrow or drag tines as optional equipment

Perfect for cultivated areas. The garant SlurryInjector

The garant SlurryInjector incorporates the slurry directly on cultivated farmland over the entire surface. The large spring-loaded tines of the injector intensively mix the soil, thus achieving an excellent result. Finally, the harrow integrated as standard levels the ground.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating widths: 3 m, 5 m, 6 m or 7.5 m
  • Tine distance: 25 cm
  • Depth guidance: Tubular packer roller or supporting wheels


Perfekt für bearbeitete Flächen: der garant SlurryInjector

Der garant SlurryInjector arbeitet die Gülle auf bearbeiteten Ackerflächen direkt und ganzflächig ein. Die Großfederzinken des Injektors mischen den Boden intensiv durch und erzielen so ein hervorragendes Ergebnis. Abschließend ebnet der serienmäßig integrierte Striegel den Boden.

Die Merkmale auf einen Blick:
  • Arbeitsbreiten: 3 m, 5 m, 6 m oder 7,5 m
  • Zinkenabstand: 25 cm
  • Tiefenführung: Rohrpackerwalze oder Stützräder
Evers Quarter.jpg

Protects the soil and increases efficiency: The Kuhn Striger for Strip-Till

The Strip-Till technology of the Striger model from Kuhn has proven itself for many years and is in use all over the world. This technology is particularly convenient for contractors or large-sized businesses to discharge and efficiently utilise slurry as under-foot fertiliser. The comfortable adjustment of the operating elements, an optimum setting option of the operating and discharge depth and the double hose guide per share are the outstanding features of the machine.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating width: 6 m
  • Share distance: 75 cm
  • Depth guidance: Supporting wheels
  • Drip barrier and hydraulic track markers as optional equipment