Trailing hose distributor

Trailing hose distributor

Proven and efficient technology

The trailing hose distributor is a proven distribution technology fulfilling all requirements of the current Fertiliser Regulations (Düngeverordnung). The large operating widths enable particularly efficient workflows. Furthermore, agronomic requirements regarding specified track systems can be optimally fulfilled due to a large number of different operating widths.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Ground-level discharge in stripes
  • Considerably less nutrient emissions
  • Ideally suitable for large operating widths


Comfortable working

Due to their robust frame design and optimum hose installation (no V-effect when starting), the Vogelsang trailing hose distributor enable safe and comfortable working. The intelligent partial width management and the precise exact distributor ensure targeted slurry discharge exactly where it is needed.

The features at a glance:
  • Operating widths from 7.5 to 36 m
  • Hose distances from 25 to 34 cm
  • Distributor head: Vogelsang ExaCut

Precise discharge

All Vogelsang trailing hose distributor can be optionally equipped with a pneumatic partial width control system (ComfortFlowControl). This system makes your work significantly easier, while simultaneously creating the basis for Precision Farming applications (Section Control).



Absolutely flexible

The Vogelsang trailing hose distributor enable you to implement various operating widths within a rod assembly, thus preventing overhanging and allowing the supply of different track systems.