Nutrient measurement via NCL 2.0

Nutrient measurement via NCL 2.0

Determine nutrients in real time

The requirements for process reliability and the documentation of slurry discharge are continuously increasing – to ensure quality for ecological or economic reasons.

With our near-infrared sensor NutrientContentLab (NCL), the ingredients of the slurry can be exactly determined and documented in real time. Thus, it is possible to discharge the slurry as required on the basis of nutrient target and limit values (in kilogramme/hectare).

Your advantages at a glance:
  • Reliable compliance with statutory provisions
  • Easy documentation
  • Nutrient-based fertilisation according to sub-area related criteria
  • Less costs for mineral fertiliser and less nutrient excess


How it works

The slurry flowing past is irradiated by a light source in the sensor. Parts of the light are absorbed by the slurry, the remaining light is reflected. The NIR detector analyses the light reflected by the slurry by means of a saved calibration model. Thus, the NutrientContentLab measures the different nutrient contents in the slurry several times per second.

The following parameters are measured:
  • Total nitrogen
  • Ammonium nitrogen
  • Potassium
  • Phosphor
  • Dry substance content

DLG approval for NutrientContentLab

The NutrientContentLab has been approved by the Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft (DLG) (note of transl.: German Agricultural Society) for all three important organic liquid manures (cattle slurry, pig slurry and liquid digestate). Thus, the sensor provides results that are just as exact as chemical measuring methods in certified laboratories.


dlg-anerkannt-ncl 2-zu.jpg


Maximum flexibility

Depending on your operational requirements, the NutrientContentLab can be directly mounted to your slurry tanker or to a docking station for mobile use.

Apart from the NCL, the John Deere NIR sensor "HarvestLab 3000 TM" can also be fully integrated into all control systems.