New front suction nozzle with 14,000 litres suction capacity.

Optimised models with greater comfort during mounting and dismounting.

The windows for spreading farm manure are getting shorter and shorter, so that the demands on the efficiency of manure technology, especially in the suction process, are becoming ever greater. Kotte therefore offers an optimised version of the garant front suction nozzle in 8 and 10 inches. A low headroom of max. 90 cm as well as a maximum ground clearance allow safe entry at intersections and plenty of space to swales or ditch edges. With an overloading range of about three metres, ditches can be negotiated without difficulty.

The maximum overloading capacity is up to 14 m³ per minute, depending on the pump and feeder vehicle. Due to the good visibility of the nozzle, the docking process is very easy, so that a minimum filling time can be guaranteed.

The agricultural tractors are used for different tasks throughout the year for economic use. The changeover times of the implements play an important role here. With regard to slurry technology, the mounting and dismounting of the front suction nozzles is an important factor. For this reason, garant's 8" and 10" front suction nozzles have been completely optimised with regard to the connection line. A quick-release lever allows the front suction nozzle and the connecting line above the tractor to be separated from the trestle in the rear hydraulics and the supply line. The trestle can be mounted either in the carriage of the mounted trestle or, if the lifting height of the lower link is sufficient, in the three-point so that it can be easily parked. The feed line remains mounted. The front suction nozzle with the connecting line can be parked on supports and the connecting line is lifted upwards by the new lifting cylinder. This saves a lot of time during assembly and other tools.

The garant front suction trunk is also supplied as standard with mirrors for visibility at blind intersections or exits. However, despite the compact design, depending on the tractor, the permissible headroom of 3.5 m from the centre of the steering wheel may be exceeded. According to the leaflet for attachments with reference to the current Road traffic regulations, a guide is then required.

To avoid the need for a guide, Kotte offers a certified cross-traffic camera system ex works. This system has two cameras, which are mounted protected on the front suction nozzle and a corresponding split screen in the cabin. This ensures safe road travel by viewing the cross traffic.