garant AquaLine with more options

Kotte Landtechnik, as the market leader for slurry technology in Germany, has already had the water barrel segment in its product portfolio for several years. Due to the renewed drought in 2022 as well as multiple area and forest fires, the product range has been expanded once again.
On the one hand, the demand for technologies for the mobile irrigation of plants and trees has increased significantly. Here, Kotte offers customised solutions in container sizes for the municipal sector from a capacity of 3,000 litres. In addition, a watering arm can be used in the front hydraulics of a tractor in combination with an Aqua-Line trolley for the targeted watering of plants such as city trees.
AquaLine water barrels have proven themselves in recent years, especially as water reservoirs for the fire brigade when fighting fires. With a volume of up to approx. 18,000 litres, larger quantities of water can be efficiently made available for fire-fighting, especially in rough terrain.
Last but not least, an outstanding feature of the AQUALINE is the vacuum compressor with an additional centrifugal pump for increasing the pressure. In combination with a long-range nozzle, the water can be distributed in a large radius and thus used directly for firefighting.