Vervaet launches Vervaet Cennect

Vervaet machines produced from 2022 onwards are equipped with the Vervaet Connect base system as standard. Sensors collect data about the machine's performance and operation, which is automatically transmitted and displayed in real time via a new online portal called MyVervaet ( Both current and historical machine data can be accessed via this portal from any location. Thanks to the high level of compatibility, the information can be exchanged and exported with many other common systems (John Deere, Dacom, Agrarmonitor and others).
The information displayed includes, among others, the following items:

  • Real-time tracking of the machines
  • Machine operating status, including speed, engine power, fuel consumption and hectares worked.
  • The current settings and parameters with a live view of the in-cab screens
  • Service information such as fuel tank level and operating hours
  • Any warnings of problems or error codes
  • The historical data of work previously carried out by the machine
  • If specified (for harvesters), yield maps with collected harvest data displayed on a field map
  • Application maps and total amount applied (for Hydro Trike and Quad).

The advantages of the system are far-reaching. The owner can see all the information at any time, which makes management easier. This is an even greater advantage when working with multiple Vervaet products. Thanks to the logbook of previous operations, parameters such as fuel consumption and performance can be analysed, compared and improved if necessary, which increases efficiency and reduces costs.
Service and maintenance management is also streamlined: Error messages can be tracked directly online by the Vervaet service team from the Biervliet. Alerts about faults or problems are displayed on the MyVervaet portal. This is visible to the customer, the dealer and the manufacturer. It is also possible to install software updates wirelessly, reducing machine downtime.
The precision farming elements of the Vervaet Connect offer farmers significant benefits in maximising their yields. Thanks to the system's compatibility with other platforms, the data can be particularly useful when other advanced farming methods are already in use. The growing market where Vervaet machines are on the road can thus be optimally supported and receive the best service. For the Vervaet Hydro Trike and Quad 550, the system creates application maps in the MyVervaet portal that show the amount of manure applied to each field. This makes it possible to optimise fertilisation and implement the recording and verification obligations. The logged data can be supplemented with NPK values from an NIR sensor.
Although yield mapping is more common for crops, it was generally not possible for root crops. Yield mapping was implemented on Vervaet beet harvesters. The resulting yield maps are automatically displayed in "myVervaet". This can be sent to the customer together with the total harvested tonnage and other important information.


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