Vacuum technology TopFlow for performance boost

In order to make the vacuum technology, which has proven itself for decades, fit for the future and adapt it to the increased requirements, Kotte now offers the new TopFlow equipment for vacuum slurry tankers.
The following features raise the well-known and proven vacuum technology to a new level:

-With a new pipe routing, the new garant Kotte vacuum TopFlow scores with improved accessibility and ease of maintenance of the installed technology. All components of the slurry and distribution technology are now even easier to reach.
-The external piping of the vacuum TopFlow technology is designed in NW150 as standard. For high application rates, an NW200 version of the pressure line can be selected as an option.
The flow-optimised, internal piping is always designed in NW200 and thus ensures blockage-free operation. Suction of the slurry by means of a pump sump at the lowest point of the tank ensures almost complete emptying.
-Even on slopes, the tank can be reliably emptied with the aid of the optional slope emptying system, which is also designed as standard in NW200. This function can be conveniently activated via the operating terminal. This makes vacuum technology more attractive on slopes and difficult terrain.
-For application techniques with large working widths or high application rates, a pressure accelerator can also be selected. This ensures high distribution accuracy and a steady, high-pressure slurry flow. Depending on the design of the pressure line, this is also designed in NW150 or NW200 and thus ensures efficient feeding of the attached application technology.
-For documentation and control of the spread slurry, a flow meter is optionally available in the pressure line.
-The application rate can be controlled by the driver with the help of an optional sluice gate.