Cultivating strips of soil to save money.

Looking for low-impact soil cultivation and efficient slurry application? Then the Striger is the right tool for you! 

The Striger prepares only the soil of row crop seed rows and reduces the tilled surface by 80%, thus saving significantly on fuel. At the same time, the straw or mulch layers covering undeveloped areas have great potential for erosion control. garant mounted pump tanks ensure that soil preparation and slurry under-root fertilisation in strips take place at the same time, in a single operation. Users thus benefit from perfect seedbeds for optimum emergence. Sowing takes place in a subsequent separate operation as separating the two operations creates larger time frames and provides more flexibility in farming operations. 

Placing slurry in the root area improves the impact of nutrients and makes mineral under-root fertilisation redundant. Direct incorporation into the soil improves nitrogen efficiency and minimises ammonia losses during slurry application.

A must as of 2015: The FlowCheck diagnostic system.


  • Higher nitrogen efficiency
  • Less need for mineral fertilisers
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Higher growth of plant roots