Facts and figures

PTG tyre pressure control systems in 1- or 2-line systems offer the most reliable and convenient way of adjusting tyre pressure while driving. Rotary transmission leadthrough is characterised by long-life grease as well as high-quality seals and bearings. The system is controlled from the driver's cab, either via an electronic control panel (pneumatic control) or via a PTG digital control system (only with 2-line system). Patented PTG quick-release valves are available on request.

Example: Time required for inflation from 1.5 to 3.5 bar on a tandem axle slurry tanker
Tyres 750/60-30.5
Double-piston compressor system 1,200l/min6 min.
Four-piston compressor system 3,300l/min2.5 min.

To quickly increase tyre pressure, PTG also offers complete air supply systems with various performance levels. Apart from compressor and drive, delivery of an air supply system includes the compressor control unit. The control unit automatically starts the compressor, if tyre pressure is to be increased. It also switches off automatically as soon as the desired pressure has been reached.

  Double piston compressor system Four-piston compressor system Screw compressor
Effective output 1,200 l/min 3,300 l/min 2,400 or 3,500 l/min
Oil requirement 45 l/min 80 l/min  
Optional patented PTG quick release valves patented PTG quick release valves patented PTG quick release valves


  • Enhanced ride quality
  • Lower ground pressure
  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Reduced diesel consumption