The new Vervaet Quad comes with garant slurry technology

The two market leaders have combined their expertise to launch a new self-propelled spreader

Vervaet and Kotte, two market leaders in agricultural machinery, present the first product of their strategic cooperation: the self-propelled slurry spreader Vervaet Quad featuring garant slurry technology. The Quad combines an innovative vehicle concept, simple operation and maintenance, outstanding quality and long-standing experience in the construction of self-propelled vehicles and slurry technology.

“The new Quad allows us to further expand our market leadership in Europe, especially Germany, thanks to our cooperation with Kotte. While our Hydro Trike and Hydro Trike XL have long set the standard, the new Quad makes us a full range supplier in the self-propelled slurry tanker sector. In future, we will also serve customers who prefer spreading slurry in fixed tramline systems,” says Jonathan Hoekman, the Vervaet sales director. Dr. Stefan Kotte, managing director, notes the numerous advantages of Kotte’s new cooperation: “As a long-standing manufacturer of self-propelled slurry tankers, Vervaet has contributed a wealth of experience to the development of the Quad. We see great marketing potential in combining Vervaet expertise and our slurry technology, especially in view of the increasing restrictions for the incorporation of organic fertilizer. The extensive network of sales and service partners in Germany is an excellent opportunity to roll out this strategy.”

Engine: The Quad is equipped with a 550 hp 6-cylinder Volvo engine with a capacity of 13 liters. The engine offers a torque of 2,650 Nm at a speed of 1,200. Due to the high power output, it is possible to use the engine at low speed and thus to achieve lower fuel consumption. Volvo not only stands out for its high-performance engines, but also for its service network, which ensures regular maintenance worldwide.

Gearbox: The Quad features a newly developed drive transmission. Due to its limited torque and the high demands on the gearbox, Vervaet in-house engineers deemed the continuously variable transmission (CVT) unsuitable. The newly developed system consists of two transfer case drives, which ensure there is no friction between the front and rear axles. The Vervaet Quad thus boasts all-wheel drive at all times.

When used in the range from 5 to 15 km/h, the engine offers the highest torque among similar self-propelled slurry spreaders on the market. In addition, the axles left/right and front/rear can be locked individually. The Quad manifests its full potential in difficult soil conditions and when high traction is required.

Cooling concept: In cooperation with Volvo, Vervaet has developed a cooling concept which ensures optimum performance even under extreme conditions – with full load on the engine and driveline. Unlike the Hydro Trike, the Vervaet Quad’s radiator is located at the front, making it impervious to dust, crop residues and other debris.

Tires: The Quad is compatible with a wide range of tire sizes, including 900/60 R38, 900/60 R42, 1050/50 R32, 1000/55 R32, 1250/50 R32, Mitas 1000/65 R32 and twin row crop tires. The vehicle ensures a transport width of 3 meters for almost all tire sizes.

Cab and Operation: Because of the short time-span in which liquid manure can be spread, self-propelled slurry machines have to withstand heavy use. The Quad sets new standards in terms of comfort and operation. All self-propelled Quad vehicles are equipped with a modern and spacious cab and a large glass front. Gearshifts and the new control terminal make operation easy and intuitive. The Quad stands out for one feature in particular: thanks to the compact assembly of the tank, the operator can always keep an eye on the application technology and the resulting quality.

Slurry Technology: The Quad is equipped with a weight-optimized GRP tank with a capacity of 21,000 liters as well as a 9,000l Vogelsang rotary lobe pump for efficient filling. 12,000 or 13,500l rotary lobe pumps with a 10-inch pipe are available upon request. Customers can choose between two shredding options: the Vervaet cyclone cutter in the pressure line or the Vogelsang RotaCut in combination with a turbo filler in the suction line (suction trunk). One special feature of the new Quad is the suction nozzle, which stands out for its intelligent and durable swivel drive. When used in operation mode, the suction nozzle is automatically moved into a parking position. When used in transport mode, the suction nozzle is placed on the side of the cabin so that the driver has a clear view of the field.  

Availability: Following an intensive test phase, the Quad is to be presented as a standard product at Agritechnica 2021.

Company profiles

Vervaet is a third-generation family business based in the Netherlands. The company has produced self-propelled vehicles for the efficient spreading of liquid manure since the early 1990s and has established itself as a market leader in the field of self-propelled slurry tankers in Europe. Its Hydro Trike (3-wheeled machine) and Hydro Trike XL (5-wheeled machine) are known for their high quality and innovation. The company produces up to 100 self-propelled machines every year.

Kotte Landtechnik has manufactured slurry tankers under the garant brand name since 1967. Due to its innovative, high-quality products, its broad product range as well as long-standing sales partnerships and a high level of consulting and service, the company is among the German market leaders.