Universal side suction arm: Kotte adds new "Multi 3in1" suction arm to its product range

The new "Multi 3in1" suction arm from the Lower Saxony-based slurry tanker manufacturer promises to flexibly respond to different filling situations. With this, Kotte is launching a product on the market that meets all requirements for side suction arms. 

Thanks to its modular design, the Multi 3in1 can be used in three different variants and thus serve all classic filling situations. The so-called "short version" is suitable for filling via a docking station or at the feeder below (docking height approx. 1 m). In addition, it is easy to vary between an extension pipe with suction bell for overloading at the top of the feeder (reach approx. 3 m, docking height approx. 4 m) or a PVC suction hose for extraction from pits or elevated tanks (reach approx. 2 m, depth up to approx. 2.5 m). 

The suction line of the "Multi 3in12 is NW 200 throughout. Last but not least, the suction arm "Multi 3in1" is equipped with a professional filling aid as standard, so that maximum efficiency can be achieved even in difficult suction situations. The suction arm can be used for both vacuum and pump tankers.