More lightweight. More independent. More extensive.

Paper clutter? A chaotic jumble of applications? Incomplete invoices?

This chaotic tangle of documents is now a thing of the past. The AgrarLogistik app for iPad and iPhone makes sure that things are kept neat and tidy as it offers comprehensive support in documenting logistics processes in agriculture!

Agrar Logistik is optimised for all logistic processes in agriculture and can be used regardless of manufacturer and machines! Its user-friendly user interface helps  produce better & complete documentation of your logistics processes while issuing the perfect basis for billing. Once the job is finished it automatically produces a delivery note incl. a digital signature and a timestamp as well as a detailed performance record - without any driver input whatsoever. It is also possible to link farmpilot to the order and fleet management systems.


Agrar Logistik can help!


You can count on us: Navigation towards loading and unloading points is done on the basis of geo-fencing. You can therefore easily reach a destination even if you do not have the address.



You can count on us: Don't get too stressed. The app detects your location, it knows your destination and automatically asks for the level of loading. 


Reception problems?

You can count on us: The native app is fully operative even in areas with poor or no network coverage. After all, you cannot take care of every single issue while driving!


Afraid of committing?

No worries! You enter into no contractual obligations and can make your payments via the In-app-purchase section of your Apple AppStore.



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