Simply a-maizing.

The garant PreMaister is an under-root injector that directly incorporates slurry into cultivated farmland prior to maize seed. 

Here's how it works:

The PreMaister applies a band of slurry to the soil while simultaneously creating small dams through its trailing concave discs. Maize seeds are then placed 7 cm above the slurry band. This provides maize seedlings during the early phase with the optimum amount of nutrients. The dams, moreover, help to warm the seed bed, thus ensuring high field emergence even at low temperatures. Another benefit of the dams is that they facilitate finding the rows even for those who do not use RTK technology.

Combined operations equalise peaks in workload and enable you to concentrate on the important things in life. Moreover, the optimum use of nutrients makes the additional use of fertilisers almost redundant. This not only saves time, but it also means direct cost savings. See for yourself just how "a-maizing" the garant PreMaister is.


  • Optimum use of nutrients
  • Zero ammonia emissions
  • Less soil erosion